To undergo a paid  internship/SIWES program in Trista Broadband, the applicant must have the following requirements:

-You have completed at least 2-3 years of full-time studies at a university, polytechnic or equivalent institution towards the completion of a degree or diploma.

-The duration of Internship/SIWES Program must be a minimum of 4 months.

-Demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills.

-Have strong initiative and the ability to work independently.

-Must be ready to learn new things.

-Your application must be received, at least 2 months to the commencement of your Internship/SIWES Program.

If you are sure you have the above criteria and you have all what it takes, kindly prepare a detailed Resume, an application letter and an Internship letter duly signed and stamped by the school authority, all documents should not be more than 5MB and send to Our Human  Resources Office will contact you if  Shortlisted.