IP/Dedicated Internet Services


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We deliver small and bulk IP/Dedicated bandwidth internet Capacities to Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), Communication Service Providers, Cyber Cafes, Hotels, Schools, Offices, Estates and residence to support day to day service delivery through a very stable and reliable last mile (Fiber Optic or Point-to-Point radio) to various locations with high network availability and affordability. We guarantee dedicated bandwidth over a 100% radio or fibre connection with up to 99.9% service availability. We deliver the Internet Bandwidth Broadband Access needs of our clients ranging from 1Mbps to the highest capacity required at very high Quality of Service (QoS).


-Network redundancy.
-Full duplex dedicated internet (1:1).
-24/7 Network Monitoring and Customer Support.
-Reliability due to less radio frequency interference and fiber cuts.